Hire a Montblanc JFK Rollerball Pen


The Montblanc JFK Rollerball commemorates one of the most respected figures in modern history. This pen has been carefully crafted with symbolic references to the life of J.F. Kennedy in subtle design details. The initials “JFK” are engraved on the platinum-coated clip, and the three platinum-coated cap rings stand for Kennedy’s three brothers. The burgundy-coloured precious resin refers to Kennedy’s famous Ivy League style and is inspired by his time at Harvard University. This special edition pen is crowned by the Montblanc emblem in precious resin.


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Montblanc Special Edition John F. Kennedy Rollerball Pen

  • CLIP

    Platinum-coated clip



    Burgundy-coloured precious resin



    Burgundy-coloured precious resin






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