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Why Every Man Needs a Quality Wristwatch

Once upon a time, a watch was a necessity, an accessory both men and women wore every day. It was a necessity, or else you wouldn't know the time of day and you'd be late for all of your meetings. In modern times, where it has become the norm to check the time on your phone, you may begin to question the reason why you need a watch. So why is it that today’s great men, like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet

and Pope Francis, all still wear watches? There are so many reasons why you should wear a wristwatch. We are here to shed some light!

Improve your Style

Your wristwatch is a subtle demonstration of your personality and style. Watches are timeless accessory that can quickly improve your appearance. Studies have shown* that men who dress well appear smarter, more competent and are more likely to get hired or promoted. Keep that in mind when deciding what to wear for your next job interview.

*The Well-Dressed Men Survey was conducted by Kelton Research, an independent research firm, and surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,085 American men and women ages 25 and older. More information about the survey is available at welldressedmensurvey.com.

Make the Impression You Deserve

Use your wristwatch to check the time during formal occasions such as meetings or interviews. For someone attending a job interview, managing time is essential. Checking the time with your watch gives a far better impression than checking the time on your phone as others may see it as rude and inattentive.

Improve your Productivity

A watch symbolises time much better than a smartphone does. It reminds you that time is constantly moving and slipping away, so you better get living and doing all those things you're planning. Whereas a smartphone may in fact distract you from completing the tasks you need to do. Managing time is the most critical aspect in every profession.

Wear a luxury wristwatch - be seen as organised, reliable and professional.

Boost your Confidence

Why get a tailored shirt, if you're not going to wear a watch with it? Complete your look with an historic timepiece.

Appreciate the Fine Craftmanship

There are many ways in which a timepiece can be appreciated as art and a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. What we most often hear is the appreciation for advanced mechanical movements.

Wear a Piece of Jewellery

Big watch brands like Rolex are not in the watch business: more so, they are in the men's jewellery business. A watch is one of the only pieces of jewellery a man can wear (except for a wedding ring perhaps). When men wear other pieces of jewellery such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, it is often viewed as unprofessional and lacking taste.

Some may or may not agree with the above, but it definitely causes divided opinions.

What do you think?

Tell your story to others

The watch you wear says alot about you. If you wanted a sports watch with chronograph, which way would you go - Omega Speedmaster Professional Man on the Moon, Breitling Navitimer or Tag Heuer Monaco?

All of these watches have similar features, yet they can be worn for totally different occasions, and for totally different people. The luxury watch you wear is your personal statement to the world.

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