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Pens | Write It Down With Top 3 Quality Pens

In a world where technology is ever advancing and we turn to our smartphones or devices to make notes rather than pick up a pen, you may begin to wonder why there is still a huge demand for designer writing instruments. Whilst handwriting may be viewed by some as old-fashioned, the connotations of using a “proper pen” still lends itself to a professional image and is part of a tradition rooted in being a gentleman or a lady.

A high quality pen can set you back anything between £300-£1000, which for many is the cost of a holiday, so understandably it may not be something you would be willing to buy. This is where we come in. At WatchVIP, you can hire quality writing instruments for your next special event, without forfeiting your holiday.

Pens, like watches, display a certain level of craftsmanship. As such, there are several details to look out for such as weight, balance, grip, nib, and overall appearance which all depend on personal preference. Aside from its pleasing aesthetics, a high quality pen is a pleasure to use and is superior when it comes to smoothness and versatility.

Here are our top 3 writing instruments:

Montblanc JFK Rollerball Pen

The Montblanc JFK Rollerball commemorates one of the most respected figures in modern history. The pen has been carefully crafted with symbolic references to the life of John F. Kennedy in subtle design details. The initials “JFK” are engraved on the platinum-coated clip, and the three platinum-coated cap rings stand for Kennedy’s three brothers. The burgundy-coloured precious resin refers to Kennedy’s famous Ivy League style and is inspired by his time at Harvard University. This special edition pen is crowned by the Montblanc emblem in precious resin.

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Montblanc StarWalker Ballpoint Pen

Covered in a special black resin, this gorgeous ballpoint pen is part of Montblanc’s StarWalker Collection. The unique StarWalker emblem features a blue translucent dome beneath the Montblanc emblem, reminiscent of the Earth emerging above the lunar horizon. Its clip and trim are platinum coated.

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Dunhill AD Fighter Deep Lines Rollerball Pen

Dunhill pens are precision-engineered to offer immaculate balance and flawless performance. This AD Fighter rollerball pen is inspired by the classic Spitfire plane. The clip echoes the shape of a Spitfire propeller blade, while the barrel and nib boast an aerodynamic form reminiscent of the great fighter's famous nose cone. Presented here in silver and stainless steel.

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Hire a quality writing instrument for special occasions

Hire these pens from WatchVIP for your next special occasion. From weddings to business meetings, WatchVIP has you covered. Hire this writing instrument for just a fraction of the retail price.

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