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THIS micro bag is proof that the micro trend has finally gone TOO FAR!

It seems that the micro bag trend is not over. Jacquemus’ Mini Le Chiquito bag will long reign into this year’s fashion cycle. This micro style proves your bag doesn't have to be big to make a statement. Measuring just 5cm wide and weighing just 100g, it may possibly be the most impractical bag ever designed. However, by Jacquemus’ own admission, the design is conceptual rather than functional. It can be worn cross-body or threaded through your belt loops. On the catwalk, models delicately dangle the micro tote from one finger.

It's made from textured-leather and minimally detailed with a single gold 'J'. A variety of colours on offer, each featuring a trapeze shape, single handle, shoulder strap and a front flap with a snap button. The size of the bag clearly dictates what it can be used for. After Jacquemus debuted the tiny handbag in 2019, many headlines surfaced highlighting what could, or could not, fit inside the purse. One headline even said that the bag could only hold a single Tic Tac.

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