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🎃 Halloween Special - Watch Purchase Horror Story

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Want to buy a Breitling watch? Think again

WatchVIP presents a story of Breitling woe.

A case study about how watch purchases can go wrong. In this article we talk about Breitling watches and the horrific depreciation that comes with this brand. While Breitling does make a terrific watch, their used marked values can really leave someone wanting for more.

Here is a watch horror story that comes from the Archie Luxury YouTube Channel (video at the bottom of this page).

Breitling Watch Purchase - A Tale of Woe

1. Date 26th December 2017

2. Breitling Superocean Heritage II - Melbourne, Australia $6310 (Australian)

3. Buyer decides he doesn't want it anymore - decides it's not for him

4. Buyer takes the watch to a watch dealer

5. Best price he can get is $3500!

6. Dealer markets the watch for just under $4000

7. Total loss - $2810

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Don't make the same mistake as this man. Watch the video here.

The points made in this article are merely opinions of WatchVIP and in no way intended to be strict rules for your spending choices. Please seek professional advice should you need assistance with your finances.

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