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Extend Your Collection of Designer Handbags Without Breaking the Bank | Hire a Handbag from WatchVIP

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Brides, do you wish you could afford a collection of designer handbags? Well, look no further because WatchVIP has you covered.

Whilst many women dream of owning a vast collection of designer handbags to match every outfit and suit every occasion, it is not likely to be the most sensible investment of your hard-earned money. At WatchVIP, you can have a different designer handbag each week without breaking the bank. We stock a range of designer handbags from a range of high end brands in different styles and colours to suit every occasion.

Handbags are not just a means of carrying your essentials from place to place; it is a statement. Dangling that gorgeous handbag from your arm can make an entire outfit, upgrading a simple look to something more elegant and sophisticated. Hire a designer handbag from WatchVIP to complete any look. We stock day bags, evening bags and travel bags.

Book with WatchVIP and hire a designer handbag

We hope you enjoyed reading this content. If you love designer handbags, why not hire a handbag to extend your collection? We are WatchVIP and we allow our members to book out handbags on hire.

To see our entire collection for hire:


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