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3 Reasons Why Daniel Wellington is Garbage

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

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If you have a special event coming up in the near future, please, please, please do not buy a Daniel Wellington "fashion" watch and expect it to be a statement. It will only show:

1. You really don't know your watches, neither do you recognise value

2. You have not individual taste

3. You don't earn enough money to buy a real watch

Here are 3 reasons why you should stay away from Daniel Wellington as a brand.

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1. No heritage whatsoever - the brand was started by somebody who studied business at school. Not horology or anything remotely connected to luxury watchmaking. The brand has been formed on nothing other than marketing - no substance whatsoever. Companies like Rolex are also guilty of this, but at least Rolex has numerous feats in their past that truly make them a luxury watch brand.

2. Design - it's a minimalist design but there is nothing unique about their designs whatsoever. Their designs closely mimic the designs of Max Bill, who collaborated with Junhans to produce Bauhaus-style watches. Furthermore, what makes a truly original design is something that can balance form with function. Daniel Wellington merely produces thin dress-style watches to look good, but when the watch's crown is too small to operate and set the time, what does that tell you about how much effort Daniel Wellington has put into their watch collection?

3. Quality - made in China. Remember, a watch to a man, isn't just something to tell the time with - it's a piece of jewellery too. It is often the case that men only get to wear luxury watches as a jewellery piece (other than a wedding ring). Daniel Wellington watches are made with the cheapest materials possible. Uneven gold plating, low-grade leather strap, low quality steel, laser etched engraving on the back (lazy and low cost).

There are many other watch brands made in China, but the manufacturing levels are a lot higher. There are even factories in China that are dedicated to perfectly "ripping off" Rolex watches, and a lot of people cannot notice the difference in quality.

The cheapest available Miyota quartz movement is present inside. While it keeps good time, again Daniel Wellington has opted for the cheapest end of the market.

It's quite troubling to see a brand which charges in excess of £100, yet makes a watch for under 10% of the price.

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Don't buy a Daniel Wellington watch

Conclusion - all of the above leads to a low-value proposition from my perspective. There are so many watches out there you can buy at lower cost, with more heritage and higher quality build than a Daniel Wellington watch. It doesn't take a genius to see where Daniel Wellington have spent their money.

Just check out how many followers Daniel Wellington has (4.8m), and compare that to traditional watch brands (on the lower-end but still capable of making decent watches). Brands like Timex (237k), Seiko (362k), Orient (133k) and Casio (230k). All 4 of those watch brands combined do not add up to the following Daniel Wellington has.

This suggests that Daniel Wellington is doing one thing well - marketing to a younger audience, and this is why there are less and less people today who buy into horology and instead choose to buy into hype.

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